I would like to thank the technician that came out to assist me with resetting the password of our safe, it was after hours and a family emergency, He was extremely professional and helpful. He ensures that I was a satisfied client before I left. Highly recommend Darryl and his team at any time.

Thanks, Darryl, for saving the day

Riona Surjoo

Thank you for the fast, efficient and professional services

God Bless

Jolene Jacobs

Very Friendly, Prompt and professional spelling

10 out of 10

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Victoria Smith

Absolutely, good, friendly and fast. Thank you.

M Valigka

A pleasure to deal with an efficient and friendly team, Technician Tops!

Sandford Hall

Excellent job! Thank you for being so patient. Will definitely recommend you

Mikayla Humphries

Fantastic and professional, very helpful and friendly. Excellent service, Thank you

K Casper

Real pleasure dealing with a highly skilled and professional team

Nathan Paul

Thanks for your fast and efficient services. My replacement key was available in less than 30 minutes

10 out of 10 for efficiency

Marcia Van Staden

Thanks for saving my day

Really fast, efficient and professional services rendered. Will highly recommended

Leonie Coetzee