We have been in existence for the past 14 years and we as a team pride ourselves in providing the best professional services and solutions at any requested time. We are a father son owned company that consists of a highly skilled teamed that are always clued up with the latest and most innovated technology.

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Our services focus on everything to deal with safes and vaults. We offer services in the installation of safes and vaults, the opening of safes and vaults in the event that they fail to unlock and any other service and maintenance.

We pride ourselves in prompt service delivery through our emergency locksmith service and we take joy in knowing that we maintain a high standard of quality that sets a benchmark in the industry.

The services are offered regardless of the type of damage and where the damage is. We also offer consultation and expert opinions on the absolute best safes and vaults for you, depending on requirements.

safe opening Pretoria  specialise in Residential Safes, Commercial Safes and Industrial Safes. We repair, replace and maintain them for you. We use only the best known and quality products at all times to keep our customers happy and satisfied

We ensure that your safe details and contents are kept confidential by our team at all times, meaning that we offer professional and safe services to all.

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